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History Repeats in School Attacks

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Bath Scool Massacre 1024x627

The recent attacks in schools that have people calling for the banning of guns that are portrayed as always the worst in history. We clearly do not grasp that such events are not isolated and they are not limited to only guns. The Bath Consolidated School in Michigan remains as the biggest attack upon children after school board member Andrew Kehoe used dynamite to blow it up on May 18, 1927.

There are similar events carried out for various reasons such as Columbine High School, Virginia Tech and Sandy Hook Elementary, yet all tend to have a common theme of some mental health issue. History repeats because given the same set of circumstances, the likelihood of the same or similar outcome will result. In this case, Andrew Kehoe had his farm repossessed, could not meet his payments, and seems to have sought vengeance for losing everything.