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George Soros – The Man Trying to Create A Socialist Revolution?

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George Soros is a Hungarian born August 12, 1930 who became an American. I believe he has done everything possible to further a Marxist takeover of the United States and his support of the Orange Revolution in Ukraine should not be confused with any sort of actual freedom. Ukraine has merely replaced one group of corrupt officials with another. I personally believe that Soros is a very dangerous man who tries to fund revolutions that cost people’s lives. I believe Soros is behind the civil unrest in the United States and the Clintons are aligned with him because Hillary is notoriously vindictive if you read any of the reports from former staff who worked in the White House. This is not a political movement, it is one that appears to inspire violence. We should pay close attention to the shenanigans of Soros and Hillary. We know her character. The only type of people who would be friends with someone that vindictive must ascribe to the same character flaws.