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“From Under the Rubble” – The Battle Against the Left for Humanity

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Anyone who questions that this is a battle to the death should read “From Under the Rubble.” Alexander Solzhenitsyn and six dissident colleagues, Mikhail Agursky, Evgeny Barabanov, Vadim Borisov, F. Korsakov, A.B., and Igor Shafarevich, risked their lives to write this book while they were still living in the USSR. These brave men joined in the mid-seventies to write this book, which remains an extraordinary accomplishment in exposing the dangers that always arise from the left.

“From Under the Rubble” exposed the Soviet regime that was set in motion by Stalin. Even Lenin himself warned the members of the Communist Party not to allow Stalin to seize power. This book is really a monument to the battle we face with the left to retain our freedom and that for our posterity. This is especially true in light of their hatred that rose to the surface with the 2016 presidential election.

This book is truly a moral indictment of the liberal West that masks over the same seeds of revolution that destroyed Russia and China. The Ten Commandments interestingly warns us not to engage in this leftist mentality. Coveting what someone else has leads to a total loss of security and freedom. We certainly know that the epic battle between left and right took place in the defeat of Athens back in 404 BC by the then communist state of Sparta where personal wealth was outlawed.


I personally went through Checkpoint Charlie during the late 1970s. I went with a friend who wanted to visit his family and was concerned that they might find out he was born there and not let him leave even though he had become an American. I went because I wanted to see what this was all about first hand. What I saw shocked me beyond belief. His cousin would talk freely, but only when nobody was around us. They too had the policy we have today — See something, say something.

“From Under the Rubble” is Solzhenitsyn’s call to action. This book displayed, not merely their remarkable courage, but this battle against the left for humanity to survive. They explain, “One puts oneself in danger for the sake of the nation!”