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From Amsterdam Protester

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COMMENT: dear Marty

your reflection on Amsterdam protests is interesting

true, the lockdowns are absolute tyranny
true, this government is nothing different than an extension of the WEF illuminati
true, this demonstration was forbidden just days before by (WEF) Major F(H)alsema because she insisted a maximum of 2,500 people to join, while 25,000 were expected to show up

what strikes me is the media attention :
* media reported the organisation did not want to cooperate to organise a safe demo (which is a blatant lie)
* afterwards they made sure the whole world knows about the violence that took place

BUT we were there in Amsterdam yesterday
and it was an amazing experience : good weather, good vibe, great musicians, great talks and yes a very very positive vibe of people who do not want to do anything with this government any longer

so why does government media focus on this negativity ?
1. because it is the ultimate argument to release the army on the people
2. to scare people away from the demo’s
3. to ignore & repress the strong positive vibe of those who are standing up

actually, this country (Netherlands) has way too many people who just blindly follow orders, just like the nazi’s
but the gathering of the few who do not, is starting to gain traction

what needs to be reported in the media is this positive vibe !
because yesterday we made a very very important progression :
*** we performed the forbidden demonstration ***
that is a major major major step forward

this is what needs to enter the news
and all this focus on (government organised) negativity of a few is not worth mentioning
and if we mention, we need to make sure people understand these are government organised incidents

we were there with family
and of course we did not go to the forbidden square
why should we ?
if i want to fight, i’ll go without family, and bring a leopard tank, not bare hands against armed police
if i want to fight, i’ll make sure I’ll win

but we came there to demonstrate peacefully
and if this square is forbidden and loaded with military police,
you simply go to the next square

we need to raise this positive vibe until all dutch people gain the courage to just go from one city to the next, day by day and lockdown everything by doing it, so we purge this WEF shit into the toilet

we need that positive vibe


it was not about some (government organised) incidents,
which are just to enable the future application of the army and further destruction of our country

Schwab WEF End of Democracy

REPLY: I have receiver numerous reports from people who attended the Amsterdam protest. It certainly appears that the government INTENDED to be a cruel as possible indeed to show people they should stay home and never protest to further this conspiracy about ending freedom and any right to vote for politicians which is on the agenda.