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FBI Warns of Armed Protest at Biden’s Inauguration

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Now we have the FBI warning that there may be an armed assault against Biden during the inauguration. This is getting really crazy. I really hope that is NOT the case but I would not put it past someone deliberately doing so to blame Trump supporters to drive 50% of the country underground. On the other hand, there are crazy people who might try something stupid like that which will do nothing for the nation but divide the nation even more.  Any such act will be supporting the Domestic Terrorist Act passage virtually unanimously as was the Patriot Act. My concern is that our computer is projecting rising civil unrest and absolute chaos during the midterm election in 2022.

The Democrats are already looking to impose sanctions on anyone who supported Trump on Capitol Hill. This is in direct conflict with Biden’s theme:

Joe Biden announces ‘America United’ as inauguration theme

The only way to calm the waters is to demonstrate that he will NOT follow the directive of the World Economic Forum and stay middle of the road. Any drastic measures will NOT unite the nation and certainly not mandatory vaccines. Ending capital gains tax and imposing a wealth tax will be burdensome to every one. Even the poor would have to file a wealth tax form to prove they are poor. The further conspiracy theories that Trump has signed the Insurrection Act does not help matters. There is no evidence of such a move and Pelosi has been contacting the military brass to ensure that does not take place. It was last invoked in 1992 by George H.W. Bush during the unrest in Los Angeles after the acquittal of police officers who beat Rodney King. Claims he will arrest the VP and the leaders in Congress do not seem to have any validity. It is not likely that the military would follow such an order anyhow.

Meanwhile, there is a wholesale departure from BigTech. Twitter has lost so far 12% of its traffic since banning Trump. Even Angla Merkel, the head of Germany, has called Twitter’s actions “problematic” to put it mildly. Nevertheless, Twitter seems to think even the US Constitution offends their guidelines. Their actions have been far worse than the accusations of Rissian interference in 2016. BigTech could care less since the Democrats have promised them access to banking online (see IMF). The basic tenets of a Free Society is that I must defend your right to say what I may disagree with. That is the freedom of speech which is no longer respected. As one reader commented:

Regarding the BIG-TECH suppression of conservative political speech and its squashing of a rising competitor, Parler, we’ve seen all this before. BIG-TECH is now a Soviet political commissar with the business monopoly power of Standard-Oil.
The suppression of conservative political speech, as practiced by Twitter and Facebook, benefits the progressive views of their leaders to the determent of competing ideologies. Exhibit ‘A’ is the censorship of a legitimate newspaper story by the oldest running American paper in existence founded in 1801 by Alexander Hamilton, The NY Post, prior to a presidential election to mitigate the damage Hunter Biden’s laptop scandal imparted to their preferred candidate, Joe Biden.
Google and Apple, cutting off Parler’s access at the front-end in their app stores, is equivalent to a Standard-Oil type conglomerate denying access to oil well drillers. Amazon, on the back-end, revoked Parler’s access to its servers; this is analogous to Standard-Oil cutting off a growing competitor’s access to refiners.
I am shocked this is happening in the United States of America and am saddened that as is oft the case, history repeats itself. It appears we will have to experience the lessons of tyranny through experience due to a profound failure in the education of history to our youth. Let’s make Orwell fiction again.

Obviously, we will have to look at the computer forecasts for 2021 which will be really interesting in the midst of all this drama. I do not look forward to them using this virus and a claimed new strain to lockdown the country nationally to defeat a virus that is really intended to reduce CO2. This is right out of the psychological warfare manual. As I have reported before, there was more 4x the number of people who died during the 1969 Hong Kong Flu and they did not act like this locking down the world. They even had Woodstock in the middle of that pandemic.



The economic damage is off the charts with corporate chains saying they are leaving NYC or closing operations. We still see the economy declining into 2022. Another round of lockdowns will ensure there is nothing “normal” to return to just a John Kerry who will be in charge of the climate said.

Here is the COVID Restriction Map. Select your country.