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COVID Uprising in Bulgaria – Governments Better Wise Up

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There are protests rising around the world and here in 2022 our computer is forecasting that the violence will accelerate. Here is Bulgaria where security forces have barricaded themselves inside the Bulgarian parliament with MPs while protesters outside the parliament demand the end of the covid policy. The protesters broke through the police cordon in front of the parliament and tried to gain access to the parliament itself.

We are warning governments globally. You better back off of this Great Reset. It is going to fail and you are instigating massive civil unrest which will lead to a revolution in many areas. However, this is extremely foolish for Rome fell and the barbarians were able to break through their defenses ONLY because the government was corrupt and imploding internally. This is the very same threat they are bringing down upon the entire world> This is the perfect time for China and Russia to bring down the dominance of the West just as Rome fell. The Premier of Western Australia is totally insane. Mark McGowan told reporters that many Covid-19 restrictions and rules would remain in place for years.

“Covid has been around for two years, it’s showing no signs of slowing down over east,” he said.

“I expect these requirements will be in place for years to come.”