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Civil Unrest Tears France Apart

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The civil unrest in France which began in Paris has led to riots in some parts of the capital that spilled over spreading across France as vigilantes stage running battles with police in protest of the rape of a young black man. Chaos erupted after it emerged police anally raped a young black man named Theo with a baton. This was similar to an incident by police in New York City. Abner Louima was at a club in Brooklyn when a fight broke out. Policeman, Justin Volpe, mistakenly took Louima for a man who sucker punched him and began beating him up on the street. The police took Louima back to the precinct where Volpe continued to beat him. Volpe Kicked him in the testicles and sodomized him with a broomstick, causing critical internal damage. After he was done, Volpe, proudly displayed the excrement and blood stained broomstick to his co-workers and boasted that he had broken a man. Volpe then threatened to kill Louima and his family if he told anyone.

In Paris, law enforcement admit that two weeks of civil unrest has now led to full blown clashes in 20 districts. The police say that about 60% of those involved in the street fights are youths. In addition, this has led to an excuse for also an outright serious crime wave in at least 16 northern parts of Paris. In Rouen, located in Normandy, a catholic priest Father Jacques Hamel was murdered while he was saying mass at the altar last summer.

The civil unrest is more than just the abuse of a black man by police. The police have been targeted with molotov cocktails, hit with steel poles, shot at, and filmed being chased with cars. Armed police have taken to the streets have responded firing live rounds of bullets and used tear gas to disperse the rioters.

Countless number of cars have been torched, shops and banks smashed and/or broken into. A bus full of tourists from South Korea was targeted in northern Paris. They have even attacked the Eurostar train network.

This is widely now seen as the collapse of multiculturalism in Europe.