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Civil Unrest in Europe Rising

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This is Bern, Switzerland. Those in power are clearly using COVID to facilitate their financial crisis, which is right on target for 2022. Even in Italy, they are now turning against their own unions, for they have simply been bought and no longer defend worker’s rights. The demonstrations in Italy are escalating, and this is all coming to a head next year. This is the Great Reset, simply because they can no longer borrow and fund all the pensions. The next stage is simply to move toward an authoritarian government, for it is now just about them retaining power. The police are bloody idiots, and everything will depend on them. In the USA, they have deliberately used racism to demand the government DEFUNDS THE POLICE. These people are idiots, as the real agenda is to replace local police with a federal police force with no local connections — they are following the playbook from the Nika Revolt.



In Italy, they are protesting, even yelling, “Assassinate!” The Italians have never been afraid to protest. They are going to have to protest to escape from the clutches of Mario Draghi and the EU under the control of the World Economic Forum.



Meanwhile, Alitalia, Italy’s #1 airline, is on strike because of the COVID mandates. They are rejecting their own union, which has been bought out from above.

It is just amazing how blind so many people are. They think if they mandate vaccinations, then they will get their life back. The lack of independent thought is astounding, and common sense appears to be actually rare.