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Canada Police Prove they Are Like Nazis – Just Following Orders

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Canada_arrest truckers

The Canadian police have shown the entire world that they are no different from the Nazis of Germany whose excuse was the same – just following orders. It is a shame that they are defending Trudeau against all odds and world opinion. It was hard to win a race against Biden to the most unpopular world leader by Trudeau has achieved that amazing feat and he has singlehandedly destroyed the image of Canada on the worldwide stage of a free society which has taken a very dark road into authoritarianism.


Even the New York governor Hochul was forced to abandon the requirement to get boosters or lose their job. The NY Healthcare executive Michael Balboni argued there aren’t enough vaccinated workers for hospitals to even hire. Where we see many governments at the federal and local levels abandoning these insane COVID policies, Trudeau has chosen to destroy the image of Canada as a safe harbor for international capital.

Many truckers have figured out that they can open accounts in the United States to circumvent Trudeau. This is what the Germans did during the Hyperinflation, as well as during the rise of Hitler. As mentioned, Hitler outlawed even having an account outside of Germany which led Switzerland to created numbered accounts with no name. Like the Germans under hyperinflation and Hitler, the smart Canadians are converting assets to US dollar accounts outside of any Canadian Bank.

The Canadian police had a choice. Defend the people and the nation against Trudeau who is taking directions from a foreign entity, or join the tyranny and destroy the future of their own children. So far, they have sided with tyranny against their own families.