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Brussels Erupting with 50,000 Protestors

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COMMENT: Hi Marty,
Thanks for all you do, I came to the Euro crisis seminar in Frankfurt. I Will never forget that you warned back then that in Q1 2020 everything would go crazy.
Here we are in 2021 and finally, Belgium is waking up, 35000 protested in Brussels today. reported to the news. Easily 50000 I believe…
The government seems to get afraid and wanted it to end asap as they blocked the protesters from following the agreed route. Immediately water canon and teargas were used although nothing serious happened. Even those far from the action were gassed intensely. 23 January 500+ European groups Will try to get 1 million People in Brussels.
We can end this if so many people are waking up, 1 month ago we were 5000people, 3 months ago 500.
Antwerp Belgium

Frankfurt Euro Seminar 7 22 2017

REPLY: This is all about debt.  Socrates gave us the timing. It was spot on. The economic pressure was building and the failure of creating the Euro was self-evident. The government always turns to the path that ensures their survival – not that of the people. I wish these forecasts were wrong. But just maybe, when this crash and burn concludes, people will look at this model and how it correctly foresaw the events unfolding which had nothing to do with my personal opinion. This is why the government tried to force me to turn over the code. It was more important for the future than the threats they could hurl at me.