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Berlin Protest August 1, 2021

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There was a massive protest with tens of thousands of people protesting the new lockdowns. The official press claimed there was only 600 and naturally labelled them as Nazis. The previous week, there was a Gay Pride demonstration and the police did nothing. Here the police were beating protestors and a  49-year-old man died after being detained by officers during the protest which the government was forced to admit on Monday.

The protestors have defied orders to disperse. Germany has now established roadblocks so people cannot enter Germany by car demanding proof of COVID vaccine. The police in Germany, as in Australia, are still supporting the tyranny and obviously are the real Nazis who, as in Nuremberg, made the excuse that they were just following orders. Do you really think beating women and children is morally OK as long as the government orders you to do so?



The resistance has not died and the scheme of this Great Reset will lead to violence. Schwab has the audacity to say that the violence will be because the people want his policies of equality. I think they want his policies to end and freedom restored.

Today most industrialized countries boast life expectancy figures of more than 75 years, according to comparisons compiled by the Central Intelligence Agency (U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. Country Comparison: Life Expectancy at Birth. Updated 2017.) This is their real problem – overpopulation and we have enjoyed postwar the best living conditions in human history. They do not like that and want to revise the system not expand it.