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Berlin Police Using Measuring Sticks to Arrest Protesters not at regulatory Distance

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Germany is enjoying absolute tyranny. During the protests over the weekend, you see the police with measuring sticks ready to imprison anyone who is not socially distancing. Yet the police are walking between people violating their own law. Europe has lost its mind all for a virus that was created in a lab and is being exploited for political change. This is a city that divided its people because of politics. The politicians there have demonstrated that they are by no means representing the people. This is becoming an outright usurpation of power.

Our computer has been forecasting the rise of civil unrest and it has been unbeatable. My greatest fear and that the politicians have reached the tipping point. They will either be thrown out of the office or terminate the right of the people to vote. This is the real political crisis we face as every day more and more evidence surfaces that not merely is COVID grossly exaggerated, but the vaccines have no ability to prevent the spread of COVID. The facade is crashing down upon governments and the fake media. This only warns of greater civil unrest and this is now about to cross the Rubicon.