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Amsterdam Police Unleash Dogs on Protesters

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The Netherlands moved into a complete lockdown on December 19 destroying the holiday season of both Christmas and New Year festivities. The government ordered the closure of all but essential stores, as well as restaurants, hairdressers, gyms, museums, and other public places including religion until at least January 14, and any public gatherings of more than two people were prohibited. All of this over Omicron which is a variant of the coronavirus that has been proven to be very mild and a typical tyrannical reaction by governments throughout Europe.

People have captured footage posting it online showing how the police attacked protestors beating defenseless people and then released police dogs to terrorize protesters. The Amsterdam mayor Femke Halsema issued an emergency ordinance giving the police the power to clear the central Museum Square by any means. The protesters marched playing music and holding yellow umbrellas in a sign of opposition to the government measures.

These are no longer politicians who represent the people for they have crossed over into ruthless tyranny. There is absolutely no justification for lockdowns and destroying jobs over Omicron. Europe has entered complete tyranny and this is not going to end nicely. They have utterly destroyed the very foundation of civilization and historically these are actions that justify revolution. The police in Amsterdam have proven themselves indistinguishable from the Nazis they once hated.

Stanley Milgram’s research of  Obedience to Authority. demonstrates that the Amersterdam police are doing precisely what the Nazis did justifying their actions with the same claim that they too were just following orders. Why? This is being employed to combat civil unrest. It is also intended to separate the mindless sheep who obey whatever the government, says which complies with Stanley Milgram’s studies.

The Germans put on trial after World War II said that they were just following orders. This inspired Milgram to investigate because many argued that the Germans were just different and could kill the Jews without remorse. At the Nuremberg Trials, those Germans simply said they were just following orders.

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Stanley was perhaps the most important psychologist of all time as far as I am concerned. Instead of coming up with a theory, Stanley actually investigates and arrived at a conclusion nobody suspected was even possible. He hired actors to pretend to be shocked by a person whenever they lied. Stanley took random people off the street in the United States and elsewhere to see if the Germans were really a different species. He discovered that people would shock others in a torture setting as long as they were told that was what they had to do.

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Stanley concluded his studies which stunned the world. Here we are once again with the police acting the very same as the Nazis during World War II void of all morality or conscience. As long as the police defend the ruthless politicians without questioning any morality, then tyranny will prevail. The police are ensuring the decline and fall of Europe. They are not only acting ruthlessly, they have no regard for their own country aside from drawing pleasure from inflicting pain on others.