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A Word From Behind the Iron Curtain – America Beware!

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Berlin Wall Barbwire

COMMENT: I simply feel compelled to address the
The Interview That Killed the Anti-Work Movement
American people…..what has happened to your values? Has ambition disappeared entirely?
To even think that my father left a communist country under horrific stress and difficulty with his wife and two children in tow and bring us here and to have my brother or me simply be satisfied at 30 yoa to be a dog-walker wishing for fewer hours is absurd! I think he would have shot me himself!! and I would not have blamed him!
I thought I had died and gone to heaven when we arrived! No, I’m not famous but I’ve been self-employed, in private practice for over 40 years and to hear this ambitionless jackass is more than offensive!!……Perhaps he should try living in another country that provides no opportunity and demands abject compliance!!
What has happened to the desire for fulfillment of the creative spark? I believe the Nation is descending into a hell that I had prayed never to see or endure again!


WEF Schwab You Will Own Nothing

REPLY: Every person I know who came to the West from Eastern Europe has expressed the same shock. This is what they left. The anti-work and cancel culture movements are PRECISELY what took place under communism. You were not free to express what you really thought or you would go to the gulag. I went behind the Berlin Wall before it fell. I know fully how you could not speak freely. This is precisely what is taking place here in America. People also fled Europe to America so they could own their own property instead of long-lease in Britain. Now Schwab is spinning his version of communism — you will own nothing and be happy — because he wants to return everything back to the hands of the elite.

Soros Donates_125_Million_to_Democrats

Soros Austin Defund PoliceSchwab Gates Soros

These are the people I believe are undermining all our values. Schwab has come out and outright stated that the US will no longer be a superpower. He wants to overthrow the United States. Soros is pumping money is to defund the police to push the United States into total chaos intentionally. Anyone taking money from Soros should be tried with conspiracy to treason.