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Now its Capital’s Turn to Vote

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Many people have written in asking what is the future of the markets. While in any election, it is presumed that the right to vote belongs only to the citizens who are alive, there has always been a second vote. That second vote is carried out by international capital. As I have explained many times, the DEFINITION of a bull market is one that rises in terms of ALL CURRENCIES!

Niki Yenb Dollars

The Japanese bubble of 1989 was the same as the 1929 bubble in the USA. You can see that the Nikkei rose in value more so in dollars than in yen because the yen was rising. This is what made the bubble. Everyone was there. When the market broke, capital fled. This is now what we must sort out.

It really does not matter who you voted for, if you cannot look at the markets objectively regardless of what you think, then you will lose. All that matters is how capital will respond. Already people are looking at boycotting not just Facebook and Twitter in mass, but all companies that say they will stop all donations to any republican like Coke.