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The Unfolding Bank Crisis

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Banking Failure

COMMENT #1: Marty; Thank you so much for your warning at the WEC that we would now face a banking crisis with rising rates into 2024. You are always so far ahead of the pack. Live forever – please!


REPLY #1: Thank you, but that would sentence me to perpetual taxation indefinitely. No thanks.

COMMENT #2: Hello. I read your FREE blog because I am poor.
Would you please stop posting PRIVATE stuff and post stuff that us peons can read?

Thank you kindly.

Ms. Terri


REPLY #2: My concern is since we forecast this last year, they will only blame me. That blog is only $15 a month, but it is blocked by Google so it is more free speech if you get my drift. I simple MUST be guarded in what I say publicly because they simply always view me as having too much influence.




I will offer this recommendation (publicly) for my ear is turning red from all the phone calls. As for the Biden Administration, if they DO NOT heed my warning, our forecast will be devastating. The Biden Administration MUST stand behind ALL deposits – not the $250,000 FDIC limit. If they do not, small businesses will pul; excess cash from banks, switch to 30-day T-Bills at a brokerage house, and say screw the FDIC and the Biden Administration’s anti-rich (small business which employs 70% of the workforce).


The compromise here is that we need a shotgun wedding where a larger bank takes over SVB at the raw price of the deposits. The shareholder loses, but ALL depositors are covered. Any value of the shares should be attributed to tangible assets only, not goodwill. You will penalize your “hated rich” and even the small businesses will be saved. If not, you will wipe out numerous businesses that cannot even pay employees. That will set off a contagion as you try to uphold your hatred of the “rich” while you pour money into the most corrupt government in the world at the real expense of taxpayers.

Of course, SVB can simply declare they “identify” as a Ukrainian Bank and then everything would be covered right down to the pensions of the CEO.