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Scandal of Selling Insurance on Products, Mortgages & Loans

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One of the biggest rackets contributing to digging a deeper hole of economic decline in growth since the 1990s has been the insurance protection scam. When you go to a store they offer you protection on whatever you buy. The profits on these deals is exceedingly high. In many cases, computers or a TV has some warranty and they are just getting you pay for something you already have.

In Britain, this has become known as the PPI Scandal. They were selling you insurance that if something happened they would pay your mortgage payment. PPI policies were being sold since the 1990s on mortgages, and loans and credit cards. They were supposed to repay people’s borrowings if their income fell because they became ill or lost their jobs. In reality, their payout was just 15% according to the Guardian. The British courts have ruled against the bankers and insurance companies and they have to repay billions of pounds.

Selling such insurance has been outrageous exploiting consumers and reducing disposable income that has contributed to the lower economic growth in recent years. In the States, add the ballooning healthcare costs under Obamacare and the average person has little left after basic living expenses. This is resulting in fewer marriages, declining birth rates, and children still living with their parents well into their 30s.

It is time to clean up the insurance scam in every aspect.