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You Just Can’t Even Mail Presents Anymore

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Hi Martin

Thank you so much for the ongoing education. It’s so refreshing to listen to the truth from a man with so much knowledge, and has no bias.

I just wanted to tell you, my American husband sent me a gift whilst l was in the UK.

Unfortunately l received a card through the post telling me it was going to cost 20 pounds to collect it because they had opened the parcel and decided to charge 20% VAT plus handling.

These people are crooks and thieves. We can’t even receive a gift from a loved one anymore without them dipping their fingers in.


A (UK)

REPLY: A lot of emails like this are coming in. I sent a Roman Coin necklace to a friend in Germany for the help they have provided. The response was thank you very much – but please do not send any more gifts. They too had to go to the post office and pay tax to receive the gift.