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You Have No Idea

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I have been yelling that Obama was given the kill switch for the internet, which has expanded the paranoia that runs through every government seeking to retain power. After the start of the Arab Spring and how the youth used the internet to organize, the kill switch legislation was introduced in the US within weeks. In London the police monitored the internet to arrest youths trying to organize get togethers to protest. The internet has bypassed the newspapers and is rendering mainstream press irrelevant. This is all very scary for government.

Wired Magazine is a good reputable source on technology that the mainstream press do not understand nor are they interested in exposing what is really going on. There is another secret installation besides the NSA that is gathering everything under the sun and seeks to control the internet as well. Welcome to the Paranoid World of General Keith Alexander.

The NSA Scandal is just the beginning. There is a lot going on that if it were in a movie you would say absurd. Try robot armies!