You Did Not Need to be Scottish to Count Votes

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Well sometimes a little digging works just fine. After discovering the residency only qualification for a right to vote, the logical assumption would be that the vote counters also had no requirement to be Scottish. Well that hunch proved to be correct. Here is the criteria for counting. It turns our that the supervisor did not have to verify any count as long as she trusted the people she just accepted whatever they had to say – 5.9. There did not have to be anyone doing a second count.


This is so sloppy it is well suited for a Monty Python skit. There are so many holes in such a scheme, one must ask is this corruption or plain stupidity?

Brian Kelsey has put on his Twitter that he was the only American vote-counter in Scotland. Not that he was involved in any fraud, merely a confirmation that the vote counting did not have a Scottish requirement. No doubt, the people counting the votes were not required to even be Scottish and were English or European. One really has to question the whole ethical performance of this political catastrophe at this stage.


“Most exciting Scottish election results since I was the only American vote counter in the 1st Scottish Parliamentary elections in 300 years.”


The EU threatened Greece no bailout if they had a referendum. As the Economist wrote November 5th, 2011: “Mr Papandreou was in part the author of his own misfortune. Seeking the backing of the Greek people in a referendum, he was immediately condemned in the capitals of Europe as a fool or a traitor.”

The EU Commission staged a secret coup to overthrow Berlusconi in Italy because he wanted to exit the Euro. Berlusconi saw the writing on the wall. He wanted to save Italy by exiting the Euro. Brussels would not allow that to happen and effectively stole the democratic process from Italy as well.

Spain is claiming Barcelona cannot even have a referendum no doubt at the direction of the EU Commission vowing not to honor any such vote as unconstitutional. Any attempt using the democratic process to allow the people to vote on their future is shut down. Is this why our computer has targeted November given their election date is November 9th?

Even selecting the President of the EU is not up for any democratic process. As Spiegel wrote in June 2014, “The Democratic Deficit: Europeans Vote, Merkel Decides”. There is no democratic process in Europe. We are plagued with fake elections everywhere.

Scotland does not appear to have stood a fighting chance. This just maybe much more about protecting Brussels than anyone thinks. Even the Guardian wrote that the question of the UK leaving the EU was really the decision being made in the Scottish referendum.

The EU is doing everything possible to shut down any freedom and democratic process. They may not see themselves as fascists distinguishing their motive is to create a federalized Europe for its own good that the people are too stupid to comprehend, but you cannot secure democracy by destroying it. The road to heaven is paved with good intentions as they say. The Cycle of War showing this will be the biggest cycle in 300 years for civil unrest is now fully understandable.