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Yahoo Fighting Back – Moving Out of London to Preserve Security

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May Theresa

Theresa Mary May PC MP (born October 1st, 1956) is a British Conservative politician, and the current UK Home Secretary. She was first elected to Parliament in 1997 as Member of Parliament for Maidenhead. She went on to be appointed Chairman of the Conservative Party and was sworn of Her Majesty’s Most Honourable Privy Council in 2002. She has served in a number of roles in the Shadow Cabinets, but she is no Margaret Thatcher. When Cameron became Prime Minister in May 2010, May was appointed Home Secretary

It is May who has summoned the internet giant Yahoo for an urgent meeting to raise security concerns after the company announced plans to move to Dublin where it is beyond the reach of Britain’s surveillance laws. Yahoo is moving to Dublin exiting London as its center for European, Middle East and Africa operations. In Dublin, Yahoo cannot be forced to hand over information demanded by Scotland Yard and the intelligence agencies through “warrants” issued under Britain’s controversial anti-terror laws.

Anyone who is really into terrorism knows what security they need to communicate. Ironically, even some places within the German government have reverted to the good old fashion typewriter that offers absolute security for real top-secret stuff.

Consequently, this gathering of information that is limitless is to track each and every person. This is not about terrorists. If you want to be secure, write a letter by hand. Forget emails, SMS, telephones – just buy some pigeons.

Yahoo may be the only company trying to fight back and they may be the better bet compared to everyone else these days. Yahoo is also planning to also exist Switzerland. The Swiss have basically surrender all sovereignty to just about everyone that comes calling. All they will be left with at the end of the day is chocolate and watches. They have been trying to remake themselves as THE place for security in servers. But quite frankly, they gave everyone up in banking destroying their own industry will they be any better at providing secrecy for data against the aggressiveness of people like  Theresa May who thinks she needs to know the thoughts of every person on the planet?