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Will the USA Also Break-up Into Regions?

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Hadrian’s Wall Divides Scotland from England Since Roman Times

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong;  A friend of mine attended one of your Edinburgh conferences here in the nineties where he said they introduced you as a 7th generation Scotsman not as an American. He said you answered the question in 1997 and said that Scotland would seek independence from the UK starting in 2011. You also said the USA would eventually split because of the cultural differences between the regions and the driving force there would also be the social program burden. I assume this is still on schedule for 2032 and Scottish Independence will help break the pound. The SNP maintains they are pro EU and taxes for social programs. Will that also collapse in 2016?

Thanks for everything what you do. You are proving to us with each forecast there is a better way to run government if we stop trying to manipulate everything for political purposes.


ANSWER:  Yes, the forecasts I delivered there in Edinburgh remain unchanged. Keep in mind that whatever the SNP says today to win is not necessarily the final outcome. The split will not come until 2016 and then the world economy will be turning down. Without the USA holding the world up right now, there is not much politicians can do but muck up the entire world economy. The EU will turn against its citizens quite violently. What is at stake now is the jobs in Brussels. Kill the Euro and the justification for those jobs vanishes. They will defend those positions with your blood as historically thus has always been the choice. There was only one goal – federalize Europe. In the final straw, I do not think Scotland will surrender its sovereignty to Brussels when the economy turns down very hard.


As for the break-up of the USA, the computer has been warning for decades now that the 2016 election will see a sharp rise in third-party activity. The Republican Party may split again. We see the internal civil war with the Tea Party people. This is the core of the break-up for what lies behind that is culture and religion. Once the economy turns down, this will accelerate.


It appears that Hillary will be the Democratic candidate and that will merely solidify the Republic split. By 2032, the other side of this 51.6 year wave looks to be a starkly different world. The USA will split and China will become the Financial Capital of the World.