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Will the Republican Party divide in TWO?

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QUESTION: No.1: Today you wrote “Democrats Continue to Try to Destroy Republican Party”….. How does this end?  What is the sequence of events?   When do they come after the wealthy?  How do you protect your wealth? ” 

QUESTION: No.2: “I understand the process, but do you ever think logic will prevail? Obama is the President and Leader and the shut down and default is ultimately his responsibility. Will the people ever get it?”

ANSWER: Initially, there were the Federalists v the Democratic-Republican Party. After the Federalists were defeated, the Party of Jefferson eventually split in two becoming the Democrats and the Republicans. The Democrats became the South and supported Slavery. The Republicans were the Party of Lincoln. They switched roles somehow when the Republicans opposed the rising Marxist policies of the late 1800s.

The Republicans will most likely split in two thanks to the Country-Club Republicans like Boehner who kicked off all fiscal committees that supported Ron Paul and then pulled his own dictatorship refusing to allow Ron Paul’s name to even be presented at the Convention. That action alone was treason – denying the people the right to be heard. Boehner himself has dealt a serious blow to the Republican Party and has driven a stake deep into its heart. This will cause the fiscal conservatives (the People who elected Reagan) to split and form their own party. This may indeed happen if Obama is successful in dividing and destroying the Republican Party as it stands today led by Boehner who is obviously clueless.

Will the people wake up and see what Obama is doing? Sorry, but the press is too bought and paid for these days so that can never happen in the mainstream. Perhaps this is what we need. The pendulum must swing so far to the left like France destroying the economy long-term before the people get up off of their ass, stop watching football, and say – this line you shall not pass.

So if we see this Obama victory in this mess, capital will have a greater incentive to flee into equity markets as banks will become unacceptable for sizable cash to sit and waiting for a miracle. Obama will raise taxes sharply and eliminating the Republicans you will see taxes soar. This will send unemployment higher and destroy the US economy and the West in general over the remainder of this Private Wave and China will emerge as the new financial capital of the world after 2032.