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Will Government Confiscate Assets

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QUESTION: If the public is racing to buy assets (real estate, coins, etc) will the government not try and confiscate everything we have, for the good of us all, to “help with our debt”?

Thanks. SD


ANSWER: There is no real precedent for confiscating everything other than communism and the crazy antics of Maximinus, who they killed in rather short-order. Nevertheless, the movement of assets like gold that use to flow between nations may not be possible given the metal detectors and the laws that presume money laundering if you try to take more than $10,000 without telling the government.

The system is going to collapse. This is simply unsustainable. The only question remains TIMING. You have to understand that the confiscation of gold was to fund the New Deal by the government realizing the profits from its devaluation of the dollar.

The US share market is breakout out to new highs again. This is reflecting the shift in capital. The more analysts keep calling for a crash, the higher it seems to move. There remains the question if we will move back to new highs after November or invert into a cycle low for 2015.75. If that were to happen, then the entire bull market will be extended and we will see the total confusion of bond defaults. For now, the market remains poised for new highs into at least June as we explained at the conference.