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Why We Should Be Concerned About NSA

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The revelations that Snowden has shown the world has exposed a real conspiracy against the people. It is not dark sinister groups trying to collapse the economy to create a new world of Communism, that was the fad back in Rockefeller’s day. They actually believed Communism would work and be fair. The USA adopted Marxism and that became self-evident in the tax code where it hit 94% in 1945. I do not care who you are – a 94% tax rate is not economic freedom. Even serfs go to keep 20% in the Dark Ages. This was American Communism where you retained ownership in title, but they were like the muscle that shook you down.


The best way to discredit anything is turn it into a joke and you do that by exaggerating the incident. The idea that aliens can read your mind is classic. You use tinfoil to block their ability to read your thought. This an example of to make the idea that there are aliens seem ridiculous to even consider being rational.

With terrorism, they take it themselves to the extreme to expand their power and turn society into a herd of paranoid fools. There were the incidents of what is known as Mile-high Club where people have spent time in a bathroom together on a flight. Twice, they sent up F16 fighter jets to escort the planes down for extended bathroom stays. This is extreme paranoia, but it expands their power.

You would not believe what they can do under the cloak to defending against terrorism. For some time now, they can track you by your cell phone if it is just turned on. They use this routinely to arrest people for the cell phone tells them exactly where you are at all times.

They can plant APPS on your phone and turn it into a listening device. They scan everything in a company from a truck outside and intercept wireless networks. They have tapped into data centers and know everything you search. So why should we be concerned? Because this technology will be used for taxation. You do not build a system this comprehensive for 19 guys and a camel. Where is the profit in this? Then there were the Boston Bombers searching the internet and using cell phones. If these people were really concerned about preventing these sort of attacks, why were they unable to do so in Boston with two kids who were not that sophisticated? When you are tracking the entire world, you do not have the time to sift through that much data to prevent anything.

What we should be concerned about is the effort to eliminate economic freedom. These people believe they are not the problem – it is you. If you paid all your taxes, they could keep the system running and retain power. But the more this system fails, the greater they will use their powers to hunt everything down. This is how Rome fell. Maximinus I declared all wealth belonged to the state. When there were no other enemies to wage war against and bring home more wealth, they began turning against their own people. This is how EVERY empire has died. They self-destruct unleashing deflation at its worst because people begin to hoard money and that reduces the velocity of money. In Rome they kept raising taxes so high, people just walked away from their properties giving rise to the Dark Age and serfdom.



In Japan, each new issue of bronze coins devalued those in circulation making the new coin worth 10 times that of the previous coins in circulation. This practice ended hoarding as people then preferred Chinese coins and eventually the monetary system collapsed as coinage was no longer acceptable for anything. Money began rice. Japan did not issue coins for nearly 600 years. Money became simply food.

It is this turning inward against the people that is the standard operational procedure for an established state, nation, or empire that signals its demise. This is the danger of the NSA. Maximinus I paid spies to report on hidden wealth. We have the NSA.