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Why the Survelience is Very Dangerous

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The cover-up that is coming out of the White House is serious. Claiming nobody is listening to your phone calls is irrelevant – computers do and they are not being destroyed afterwards. Why build  a storage facility for stuff nobody listens to? Spitzer-Greenberg


Remember Elliot Spitzer, Governor of NY. He removed Hank Greenberg from AIG who rejected creating insurance on the mortgage pools. Removing Greenberg made the whole Mortgage Lending possible. Spitzer was fed info I believe to remove Greenberg by Goldman Sachs. It was Goldman who then sold the idea to AIG when Greenberg was removed. Spitzer was just a pawn. He thought he was really cleaning up Wall Street. Then when Spitzer turned on Wall Street, guess what? The Patriot Act ordering banks to report anything suspicious turned up checks Spitzer wrote to a hooker. So the Terrorist laws were then used to get rid of Spitzer to save Wall Street Investment Bankers.

So all this data they are PAYING to store will be used in tax cases. They NEVER throw anything away. This is J.Edgar Hoover in full drag. So when the press says it will never impact you if you are not a terrorist, they are not much of a journalist and may actually be paid to put out a spin to support the NSA actions.