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Why the Mainstream Press Will not Quote our Forecasts

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QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; I find it exceptionally curious how the mainstream media never quote you yet you have correctly called every turn in the markets from gold, dollar, equities, oil, no less the shifts in geopolitical events. You even said the war cycle will start to turn back up in November.

It seems that especially the New York media is so biased and instantly corrupt one must ask why are they always supporting the banks and government. Do these people not have families? It is baffling how they ignore you and constantly put forth the same hacks that cannot see even the next day no less years into the future.

Is this part of the cycle as well?

Thanks for all you do for free no less


ANSWER: The goldbugs no longer quote me because they do not want people to even listen to anything I have to say. They simply preach the same thing all the time and blame manipulators when they are wrong. It seems more like a scam to rip people off than help them understand the world.

It seems that the New York press is in the same boat. When they publish lists of frauds, I am omitted. Bloomberg seems to have purged their entire computer systems to pretend they never wrote anything about me. This is a cover-your-ass sort of thing and they just support the banks and government against the people. Why? Who knows. It is not the journalists so much as it is their news organizations, editors, and management. They prefer to ignore me so they do not have to explain how they supported the banks against the people of the United States and the entire world. It is always just about covering up the truth.

Why would they want to cover our forecasts? It goes against everything they represent. They do not want anyone actually saying the banks have done anything wrong. That is their bread and butter.

You can tell the real press from the bought and paid-for crowd by just looking at who will even dare quote any of our forecasts. How can the banks manipulate short-term moves in the markets setting people up if the press told you their next move? The press need to protect the banks – it’s a brotherhood.

The lack of quoting me is far better anyway. As an institutional adviser, clients always said why should I pay you big bucks if you give the same info for free to every TV station and newspaper? I tended to be very selective and most press was always overseas – not domestically in the USA. It was always a fine line when you have real clients and are not trolling for new suckers as most of the talking head do on TV. So it is best that they do not quote me. That way the analysis remains much more exclusive.