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Why Opinion Means Nothing

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We are working very hard to bring to you a completely new platform upon which we can advance our understand and knowledge of the world around us. There are people who try to criticize me on a personal level and this highlights the entire problem why as a society we are stuck in the mud. Personal opinion means absolutely nothing because there is nobody born of flesh capable of every second monitoring the entire world. This honestly takes a computer to accomplish this. In many ways, this is like the discovery of the compass. Suddenly man could navigate the seas.

The design is not my INVENTION, it is my DISCOVERY. The difference is one starts with an idea and the latter is one merely bumps into the answer. I have stated many times that what I have learned was forced upon me by our clients – not some school or predetermined idea steeped in prejudice.


What I came to see was that Adam Smith was correct. However, what he observed I have seen the same structure on a grand global scale that we all indeed act out of our own self-interest. It is this interconnectedness internationally that makes everything function. The Global Market Watch is purely pattern recognition EXCLUSIVELY. It takes those patterns it discovers in one market and applies them to everything demonstrating that we are human and we act the same regardless of the instrument.


Consequently, all the talking heads offering opinion is just constant noise. I would like to see that society wakes up and takes  that one giant leap for mankind rather than always just one personal step to claim they are better than everyone else. Nobody can be right on everything from a personal perspective. I have stated for years, clients attend our conference not for my opinion, but what is the computer saying now.