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Why Eliminate Professional Politicians

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This is not a theory I woke up with one day. This is my first hand experience working with politicians around the world. It has become progressively worse year after year. The problem that takes place is when you talk about an idea only among certain minded people, you are preaching to the choir. This is why I enjoy live conferences because it has been the interaction that has trained me to be global.

The professional politicians talk among themselves and thus the viewpoint is narrow. Once they become a professional career politicians, it becomes them against us. They cease to be “representatives” of the people but tyrannical dictators pretending to be elected in a rigged game.

If these positions were real PEOPLE who donated their time in brief stays, then they would be the overseer of the government instead of part of it.

The best government in all my investigations was Genoa. The wealthy families rotated as head of the state for one year terms. They ran it as a company that benefited everyone since it was about trade. No one would pass a law against their OWN self-interest for they knew next year they would suffer the pains. Today, career politicians exempt themselves from the law.

There will NEVER be any hope until we return to a government by the people and for the people FOR REAL!!!!!