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Why Do Some Hate Intelligence?

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COMMENT: “La bave du crapeaud n’atteint pas la blanche colombe.” (slime toad does not reach the white dove)
“Ce qui dérange les gens, c’est l’intelligence, les insectes attaquent seulement les lampes qui brillent.” (what bothers people is intelligence, insects attack only the shinning lamps.)
Thank you for all your enlightenment.

REPLY: Yes they killed Socrates for being intelligent. Stalin did the same; he executed Kondratieff for saying the business cycle would defeat communism.  There are too many who prefer to blame others for their shortcomings. The Romans called it the goddess Fortuna who could change your fate on a whim. Today, they con-cock conspiracy theories to pretend they are really right, but there is some evil dark all-powerful force that has prevented them from proving they are correct.

1 Politics

They hate intelligence the same as they hate others who have more material wealth than they do. This is the typical emotion politicians tap into for class warfare. We go to school to learn. When you attack intelligence, it is typically the sign that they are incapable of learning and prefer to blame everyone else for their own failures.