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Why Bother with Government? Just the Facts

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I appreciate the efforts you make to keep the average person informed regarding different issues, (economic and others), THAT ARE ALL CONNECTED.


If the heart of the problem is gov’t, which I’d agree, and the vast majority are unwilling to relinquish any power, for what purpose do you make or keep up your relationships with gov’t officials world wide?  Is it to better help keep you informed of info/developments, or do you hold out hope that government will reform to avoid calamity. (I do know there are a few good people in gov’t, but not many).


Furthermore, from a cyclical standpoint – as all governments fail and the U.S. looks to have just about run their course, isn’t it inevitable that we must crash and burn.  Again, what is your underlying purpose in developing or maintaining those relationships.



ANSWER: When I was young and stupid, I believed I could make a difference and tried. I soon came to understand politics and the inner workings of my governments around the globe. I came to see that it was just self-interest and immediate gratification. There were no long-term plans – it was what can I get now. The only time change becomes possible is in the middle of the crash and burn. Nobody can prevent the crash. But it is possible to mitigate how far we crash if there is REASON in the middle of chaos.

There are some who go to the Hill and were trying to do things like Ron Paul or in the EU like Nigel Farage. The Tea Party people have refused to play politics as usual and there are great divides within the Republican Party. The Democrats are really a coalition of groups from women and blacks, to unions, Spanish and closet communists that just hate anyone with more than they have. Together, they act more like Europeans agreeing to work together, but each with a slightly different goal. Republicans have been the traditional party politics and this is where they have clashed with the Tea Party because they do not understand even how to form a coalition. They believe it is more of a dictatorship. You vote with the party or I will tell my mother you do not play nice. This is why I do not believe in either party – nobody cares about the country – just what they can grab now.

What has developed is government by crisis. You cannot make some proposal and expect it to even get to the floor for a vote. If any proposal is anti-status-quo, you have a higher chance of Obama becoming Pope. The only way to play this game is to be there for when the tree falls and we crash and burn, Welcome to government in crisis management – the real way things get done. This is when government finally goes into full gear and suddenly a proposal will emerge and a vote will be taken within hours or days with nobody really bothering to read anything. I could not make up this stuff. Unless you see this insanity from inside, it is beyond fictional writing for it is simply polarized self-interest.

Therefore, I work with those who know the game and are on the side of freedom – not the anti-corporation conspirators who will lead us into communism for they will be used to justify taking more power. These are the closet communists who just want to hurt anyone who has more than they do for retribution having no skills of their own to create anything worthwhile.

I do not know if we can make a difference because the window of opportunity will be so tiny it is pure madness. What I do know is there are always opposing forces. Whatever I can do to preserve liberty I will do and if that means staying in touch and hoping we can argue when it comes down to a few brief hours or moments in history in the middle of a crash and burn, then so be it.

I did not seek to be in such a position. Fate has put me where I am today. If there was some all powerful elitist group that was in control of everything, nobody would have ever bothered seeking me out and wanting to know what our computer was forecasting next. All I can say is I have yet to see some all powerful group that was in control. I can’t tell you how many top institutions around the world want to know what our computer says now. If they are in control – why ask? From the question I get, it seems to me everyone is trying to figure out how this monstrosity we call a global economy actually works. Opinions are for the talking heads. This is JUST THE FACTS. They do not value my personal opinion as infallible or even relevant. I too am merely human. This is about collective knowledge.

We are all in the same boat. So sorry – but the conspiracy people who just want to believe in some group they cannot identify play into this madness, I cannot afford to speculate. I have seen plenty of conspiracies to manipulate a market short-term or the public for a vote. However, there is nobody who can control everything all the time. Show me the facts and I will listen. Just yell and scream about people you assume exist but offer no proof, and that is just opinion. So Sorry. Not interest in opinions – only JUST THE FACTS.