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When Congress is on Vacation, They Still Think How to Raise Taxes

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Obama wants to raise taxes $1.6 trillion. September is the Debt Ceiling Contest. These people keep spending more than they collect in boom time and bust times. The borrowing is just printing money that pays interest as it began in 1863.



They had at first issued demand notes or Greenbacks that paid no interest at all. Now these people are looking at the old flat tax as well. The real interesting thing, to prove these people do not really regard themselves as representing the people, senators get political shelter by since whatever new taxes they propose, will remain sealed for 50 years so they can personally lie to the public giving them deniability as to whose idea it really was. Any access will be restricted to just 10 staff members.

Now they are looking at getting rid of the interest deduction on mortgages as well as the homeowner property-tax deductions. Essentially, August is a secret tax feast. They are quietly looking at everything and anything where they can raise taxes next.