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What the Hell Can we do To Hide from the Future?

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Hi Marty
I was at the trading class in PA though you did an excellent job I
have worked on Wall Street for about 25 years sales and trading on
equities desk at Lehman, First Boston I have learned more reading your
work and attending your conferences than anything over those 25 years

So here’s the question after reading your “Vortex of Debt and corruption ”
How should one begin financially to prepare for what’s about to come ?
Could you walk as through a thought process of how we should think and
steps to take

Your thoughts and time are greatly appreciated


TSA Inspection

ANSWER: This is a difficult question that we are using Socrates to answer. We are gathering data on movable assets such as rare coins and stamps that were used extensively to move capital during World War II. Most people may not know it, but most of the German and other European rare stands and coins ended up in the USA by the conclusion of World War II. Thereafter, only as Europe began to rise from the ashes did these rarities gradually begin to make their way back to Europe starting in 1960s. We have probably the most extensive price history on ancient and US coin rarities, but we are completing this database with European and Asian. We need to complete this database because there is a tremendous problem emerging in the ability to even migrate with your money. Governments are confiscating cash and searching people’s bags using terrorism as the excuse, but if they happen to stumble upon bonds, cash, and gold, well gee – they must be funding some “domestic terrorism” or are outright criminal engaged in “money laundering” that is now defined as hiding money from government.

This is out absolute TOP priority. We will not publish that on the web, but will provide it only in a written report for security reasons. The steps on how to get off the grid are different for those in North America versus Europe and Japan. That is due to the threat of physical troop invasions.