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What Makes the World Tick

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It is interesting how people are married to a single idea and from that position they attack anything that negates that belief. The object of research is to DISCOVER causes and effects – to not support a predetermined outcome. Anyone can do that by selecting isolated data points. For centuries people assumed that all disease was introduced from external sources like poison. They bled people and put leaches on them to get the disease out of their blood. Then there were the people who killed those like Bruno because he dared to say the Earth revolved around the sun instead of the other way around. If the pursuit of knowledge is real, then it must ALWAYS be with and open mind willing to go wherever it leads. One Goldbug blogger wrote:

“There is a contradiction in his pi model I have noticed, the 51.6 year private wave cycle we are in ends in 2032 but the larger 309.6 year cycle which he thinks is correlated to a 300 year solar cycle and seems to also be correlated to the rise and fall of civilizations is currently in a public wave. So one is in a private but the bigger one is in a public, both end in 2032.”

First of all, this clearly shows the writer fails to understand cycles. There MUST always be the presence of two opposites. That is HOW cycles function because the system moves between two extremes back and forth – bulls and bears. If you were to EVER go to the extreme of one side totally eliminating the opposition, the system would die. That is what we call the White Earth Effect for if the Earth ever became entirely covered in ice and snow, it would reflect all sunlight and never warm up again. These are basic fundamentals of cycles.

Furthermore, I NEVER said the 309.6 Year Cycle is in a PUBLIC WAVE. The forces alternate at the lower levels up to the 51.6 year wave, but beyond that, nature starts impacting global changes as well. Climate Changes are responsible for migrations and spreading mankind out over the entire globe.