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What If Stores Operated Like Gov’t

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This has been submitted by one of our Dutch readers. It is in Dutch, but it is not hard to figure out in any language. It is right on point illustrating what a disaster it would be if the private sector functioned the same as government.

This is a Dutch sketch of a butchershop
It begins with a man being made to take a number to be waited on when he is the only person in the store.

He draws number 14, but the machine says it is serving number 13 so she can not take his order.

He tries to buy something basic 100 gr of of certain spread but she can not give him just like that she has to call her boss, who then calls his boss and the whole discussion is about that she can not give him the 100gr spread because there is no proof that he has bread to spread it on.

They want proof he has bread and want a photocopy of his breadbag or they can’t give anything

He gets so frustrated, leaves the store, and grabs a jar as he leaves.

This is a great skit of how government really works and how the whole world would come to a halt if the private sector operated as government does.