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What If Everyone Used The Model?

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QUESTION: Good morning.

This question is for Martins blog (Martin then, I guess).
What will happen if everyone starts to act according to the forecasts made by the computer, AND use Martin Armstrongs knowledge / advice as a basis when trying to be proactive to the developments forecasted.

Is the human nature and creativity diverse enough, so that the different wishes / goals / preferances makes for diverse enough output to maintain “checks and balances” / cycles? Or will fluctuations be reduced in any way if this very hypothetical scenario manifests?

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ANSWER: This is a common question that always arises. Human Nature as it is there is no evidence that you can ever reach 100% consensus is anything. Even Thomas Jefferson conceded that politics will always break-down into two opposing forces. All I can do is speculate since no such period has ever existed. Let us assume that everyone followed the Economic Confidence Model. The end result would simply be that the cycle would still function on time. Perhaps we would reduce the volatility, but the turning points would be the same.

The reason why the cycle cannot be altered is because at the core is the fact that it is the blueprint of nature. Weather is in there and cannot be altered. The strange weather patterns are impacting everything. Much of the fruit for Europe is having to be important because of too much rain. Crops in the US were also impacted. Here in New Jersey the weather is turning very tropical with violent downpours late in the day that remind me of Singapore. This is impacting even consumption of beer in Europe that has fallen to a 20 year low.


So it does not matter. This cycle has been functioning for 6000 years. Government’s have tried to intervene thanks to Marx and Keynes. Vut Communism and Socialism have failed because we cannot change the Business Cycle no matter how many laws we create or people we imprison. They killed Kondratieff because he said the cycle would defeat Communism. He was right and they killed him for that. In Latvia, when the economy turned down in 2007 and an economist Dmitrijs Smirnov warned of an economic decline, the government imprisoned him for such a forecast. Meanwhile, ordinary Latvians have received the intended message sent out by the Security Service. When asked by a BBC journalist whether Smirnov had he changed his views on the Latvian economy in light of his arrest and imprisonment, he responded without hesitation: “[o]f course. I will be more careful. I don’t want again to go to prison.”

They have tried to do everything thinking they can merely silence me and that will prevent the Business Cycle from unfolding. It is not me. It is not my model. I have merely revealed what has been taking place for thousands of years. It would be like killing Copernicus and somehow then all the planets will revolve around the earth.