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Senate Hearings 1930


Dear Martin, All of the issues you point out…government debt, weather cycles turning down, bank manipulations, loss of individual freedoms, topic avoidance by the Media, hunt for taxes, the dying global economy etc… are absolutely INVISIBLE to the average American. People, in general, have no clue what is going on. With the exception of your readers, they could care less about what is happening to our world. On occasion Americans see clips of riots and discourse on the evening news, but it’s no big deal because that is par for the course. If it’s not affecting them personally, then it doesn’t matter much.

During the 2008 crash, neighbors were running around in a panic wondering what to do. No one had a clue. Not even their 30 year old advisors who were deer-in-headlights. I suppose it will be the same way next time. If feel a tremendous amount of pain and sadness based on all the things your write about. When are people going to WAKE UP and see what is happening? When will they care? When will the world start to have a conversation about “solutions” instead of stupid ass fixes that prolong the agony and line the pockets of so called leaders?


Tired of it all,

Sheep Herd

TigerVsheepANSWER: There is nothing we can do to stop it. We have to crash and burn. That is the only time we get reform. Yes it can get depressing for in the process we must confront the fact that although we are people who may have free will on an individual basis to wake up and see reality, as a whole, we are collectively no different than a herd of wild horses. We spook and run with most merely running because everyone else is. This is merely nature and we cannot change our human nature. There is the delusion of crowds and the wisdom of solitude. Free will exits to rise above it all, or to remain just one of the sheep.



All systems require two polar opposites like male and female, heat and cold, as well as sun and darkness. The revelation in which I found my own peace was simply that this is the design of the universe – coming to see its fractal-cyclical order was enlightening. From the way light and sound moves in cyclical waves, to the manner in which energy passes through the water in the ocean. Next time you go to the beach look carefully. A bottle or ball will float on top of the water rising and falling as the waves pass through the water. The water itself is not moving with that wave motion for that is energy passing through the water not the water moving with the energy. The bottle will eventually come on shore as the current (movement of water) takes it there.

Waves universally obey the wave equation

v or c = fλ

where v or c = velocity, f = frequency, and λ = wavelength


We are the medium through which waves of energy (boom and bust) pass driven emotionally, which I simply equate to confidence the same as energy passes through water in the ocean. This cartoon actually captures the essence of this herd mentality. You possess free will to be one of the mob or to rise above and expand your mind seeing the world for the fascinating way it functions by some magical brilliant divine structure.

The conspiracy nuts cannot accept that the world functions in a fascinating way according to physics as does everything else. No, they must attribute all powerful knowledge and evil plots to explain why they cannot escape the mob to see the reality of the world as it exists. They pretend to be all knowledgeable, yet close their mind to knowledge that does not satisfy their conclusionary expectations. They cannot rise above and observe their own actions and participation with unbiased eyes. To them, the world plots against them.


Between the media not reporting because they are controlled by corporate entities whose self-interest is at stake and the hopeless conspiracy theory advocates who seek to blame grand schemes without proof to explain their own helplessness, the majority will be misdirected and left hopelessly lost in the folds of their own mind knee deep in delusional bullshit. So it may appear hopeless, yet this is required for the majority must always be wrong and that is the energy that passes through the mob to create the boom and bust cycle. The majority will become convince at the top of a market that it will never end, Then, the slightest whiff of error creates the flash crash. They will blame some short-player to explain their greed and mistake, but in truth, they are the culprit. When you are at the extreme on both sides, they because the fuel to propel the market in the opposite direction. They will even outlaw shorts assuming they have manipulated the market. But that always makes it worse for only the short has the courage to buy in the middle of a panic.

I tried before to prevent trends and had to discover that they are set in motion and must run their course. I gave up and saw firsthand there was just no way to do anything for that would require altering humanity and changing the laws of physics that govern the markets which must swing between maximum and minimum entropy.

Yes, I could have saved Social Security transforming it into a wealth fund. But self-interests of politicians is always too overwhelming. True, I could revise the world monetary system in 30 days or less and correct the mistakes to prevent the crash and burn. But this is delusional for that would require people to see the problem and then say fix it. Their own self-interest is always in maintaining the status-quo. It would be like a man with a gun comes to rob you and you then try to argue that guns are illegal and he should not do this. He will laugh if not shoot you.



So we are on the one hand condemned to watch history repeat, yet we are in the middle of a play and cannot just walk out. The answer lies in our individual freedom to survive. The world must go through these booms and busts, for therein lies the essence of advancement and growth. They are indeed waves of Creative Destruction – but you can survive if you live with the cycle.

You have on the one hand media who will not report and then you have people who will do whatever they can to try to prevent people from even listening to this message. Those who open their eyes to all the obfuscation are in a position to to at least prepare and that is 95% of the battle. The key is to survive. I have a lost of contacts and a track record that commands at least respect top the point many in power do pay attention. We have had central bankers attending the WEC so all we can do is try to be there when the shit hits the fan.

We will even shift some info away from the blog for those who are clients in order to preserve the integrity of some of the analysis making it more exclusive for it is widely plagiarized and distorted by others desperate to stand on their soap-boxes with nothing to offer society misrepresenting the facts and what we even say.

The bottom line – is to preserve your wealth. The vast majority must lose. That is just the way the cycle functions. So there is a light here and we need to dance between the raindrops. So while others banter about in their folly, hopefully we will survive. Remember, during the Senate investigation of the 1930s as to who was short, they hauled in the richest of the rich from Rockefeller on down to Fox of (20th Century Fox). They never found their shot player, but rather that they all lost money and had been long into 1929. For all the conspiracy nut-jobs, nothing was real. Herbert Hoover apologized for starting that investigation on a conspiracy rumor. He said sometimes when a government is enraged, it burns down the barn to find the rat.

A great trader survives, losers go broke. Rise above it all and observe dispassionately. Then and only then will you see the truth. When will the conversation begin? Not until the downturn begins.