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QUESTION: “Mr. Armstrong: I am surprised there has been no discussion about the  recent weather pattern and storms throughout the country.  Your prediction of severe storms in the fall based on May being the  coldest in recent history was right on.”

Best Regards, R C

ANSWER: We will be trying to incorporate another forecasting service on weather in which I was a joint venture partner – Strategic Weather, which is now called Planalytics. 


This is a venture I helped to create with my friend Dick Fox who was Chairman of Temple University. This is long-range weather forecasting based on cyclical models rather than the traditional methods. Its accuracy is far greater than other methods. We will be incorporating this analysis, in additional to our models extending back thousands of years, into our forecasting global economic models especially for agricultural markets and trends. Like markets, this looks at historical patterns that repeat. There are natural cycles that impact the earth and claims that we are creating global warming are just absurd. Didn’t the earth go through Ice Ages? How did the earth warm up then without man? We are but a pimple on a fly’s ass sitting on an elephant. Automobiles have only been around in quantity post Great Depression. To think we can change the dynamics of the earth in such a short time span is arrogant. One volcano throws more dust in the air and polution than 10 years of automobiles in the United States.

It is time in general to welcome a new age of forecasting that is not based upon short-term noise nor personal opinion. Just the fact please. Has such a trend taken place before? Is there a cycle? Gee – the energy output of the sun is a 300 years cycle. Just maybe global warming comes in sync with the cyclical fluctuation of the sun. Bold idea I suppose.