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We will Hold A November Conference in Princeton New Jersey

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Hi Mr. Armstrong…

So it’s obviously unsettling to learn about all that is going on with the government, NSA, banks, etc.

My question: What can the average person DO about it? Do you have a game plan?

  •   1) Where should we do our banking? Are Credit Unions safe?
  •   2)  Is it better to just spend all the money we have since it’s going to get taxed, “taken” anyway.
  •   3)  Do  we get rid of our cell phones and large service providers and just start using those “pay as you go no contract” phones?
  •   4) Do we stop using email? What are the alternatives?

Any practical ideas for regular folks regarding these issues would be great !

Thank You,


Princeton Conference

ANSWER: We have been working on a solution. Honestly, a lot of people are helping on this. We have a very serious problem ahead. Many have now begun to see how we face draconian DEFLATION and not HYPERINFLATION. These people will lie and cheat before they just print to satisfy their promises.

So many have been asking for a conference where everyone gets to together. This is getting to be really serious. This is not about creating headlines to get on CNBC. Old saying – those than can just do, those who can’t pontificate.

We are looking at the end of November. Nothing set just yet. We are trying.