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We seriously lack Leadership & Statemenship

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The Kremlin-backed journalist Dmitry Kiselyov made a rather bold statement on TV in Russia that :Russia is the only country in the world that is realistically capable of turning the United States into radioactive ash.” Of course the same is true in reverse. Nonetheless, the real issue is the cold war is back in full force and nobody seems to be able to articulate exactly why when Russia is no longer the Communist threat.

Obama is demonizing Putin and this makes no sense for it appears to be more of an excuse for the lack of a policy that leaves us in a very scary place for there is no solution of last resort that has a defined end game. It appears that this is Obama preserving his own existence, yet he seems to lack the actual international power to accomplish much of anything when his NSA policy has truly alienated what friends the USA use to have. This results in tremendous problems for the USA is simply seen as the aggressor who constantly attacks other nations. This raises the spectrum of questions among which is Ukraine merely the latest victim in this age of perpetual aggression?

There appears to be only a policy of diversion to allow international chaos to create unity within the United States where even Republicans have to be seen as tough while this all hides escalating domestic and regional civil unrest caused by the disintegration of the 20th century’s dominant socialistic ideology that is rapidly unfolding in the face of government corruption and the Sovereign Debt Crisis.