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We All Need Each Other – Impossibility of Manipulating the Invisible Hand

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To those asking questions regarding our services, we hope to have the first access up by the end of the month. Others who have asked will the little guy be allowed to participate in the IPO? We will most likely have a pre-IPO for clients before it goes to the public. We are more interested in clients participating than hedge funds who then want to sneak on the board.


We will include major corporations for they are the victims of bankers seen as the fool who is easily separated from their money. We are interested in helping corporations survive the turmoil to preserve jobs and introduce more stability that the banks have unraveled with their transaction based model rather than relationship.


Essentially, the services will be both trader based and portfolio based (short- v long-term) supplemented with hedging v speculation. Each of these activities is concerned with providing analysis of capital flows on a global basis to identify the movement of capital between different asset classes and geographies on a global scale. We are not moving into any personal guided advice for individuals – that is not our intention. We are looking to provide a factual analysis as a tool to facilitate your decision process be it the individual, large corporations, international banks, sovereign wealth funds and Central Banks.


Restructuring portfolios regarding asset classes both domestic and globally are part of the institutional serves. Restructuring one’s operation to flow with capital reduces risk and provides a much more stable operation moving forward. Her we can assist in constructing natural hedging to reduce the need to engage in financial products and derivatives.

We are not eng3-tradingaging in selling investment products and the analysis will be conducted by Socrates to prevent any human bias or corruption infected by personal opinion driven by money or politics. Consequently, we will not provide “politically correct” forecasting for one reason or another. If something is BEARISH, we simply state so and likewise when it is BULLISH. This is not about supporting a particular political philosophy or group. This is about free markets that will always win at the end of the day because they are driven by human nature.


The advantage of the Socrates Platform will be a consistent model on everything in the world without human intervention. IT IS WHAT IT IS – NOTHING MORE. We are incorporating the trading model so you can look at where the computer is here and now – long or short.

AssetAllocation (2)

Asset Allocation Models are provided basis your home currency. Phase II will be allowing the computer to create the portfolio for you given your risk parameters. Since we DO NOT sell financial products, we are not TRANSACTION based.

The object of this venture is to create a system that is objective, consistent, and global to eliminate the biased personal opinions and the manipulations of putting out “politically correct” forecasting that agrees with whatever government agency is trying to prevent. Nobody can manipulate the world into doing anything and thus we do not subscribe to that model. Nevertheless, the major banks that put out analysis are by their nature “politically correct” and cannot forecast anything honestly without offending government. Kondratieff was to provide the forecast for the new Russian Communists. When his work warned that there was a cycle it they could not defeat, he was thrown in prison and then executed. Communism collapsed for that very reason and no amount of being “politically correct” could prevent that outcome. Yet today, banks are not allowed to say the Euro will fail or that even Greece will exit the EU. Brussels is all about trying to maintain the Euro for their own power.

InvisibleHand-DanielleThe best we can do is understand the global economy and for that we ALL NEED EACH OTHER to survive. Consequently, the way to the future is to live with the business cycle rather than trying to manipulate the Invisible Hand, which has never worked even once long-term.

We are old-school and still function based upon the RELATIONSHIP model not the modern concept of TRANSACTION based. The banks only sell product on transaction based deals and then cannot provide independent analysis that is free of the problem of censorship. Our analysis if not “politically correct” and as such will remain as one of the ports of reason in a tempest toss sea of international capital flows.