Washington’s Political Dysfunction

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The Political Dysfunction in Washington that has raised the possibility of the once unthinkable: a default on US debt that could potentially trigger financial and economic mayhem as they are claiming, is reflecting the real issues where a new breed of people are refusing to go along with business as usual. So Political Dysfunction may be the name applied these days, but in reality, it is part of the trend that we have been warning is underway. By 2016, we should see a strong performance from 3rd Party players. We are in an up-cycle for 3rd parties as illustrated by our original forecast back in 1996.

Boehner JohnThe Democrats want the shut down because they have convinced themselves that this is a suicide mission for the Republicans and they hope to have them thrown out of the House by 2014. That may actually be the best result for we would get rid of Boehner who is worse than a joke, and the Democrats will find that they are self-destructing.

Therefore, if Washington start missing payments on its debt thanks to this mud slinging contest, their failure to reach a deal soon to raise the nation’s $16.7 trillion cap on government borrowing may be that Lehman moment in politics that starts to actually bring change..