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Washington Maxim Number One & The Obamacare Disaster

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GovernmentDependentEnoughObama’s signature “achievement” is Obamacare and no matter how dysfunctional it is, the Democrats will never admit its failure and we will spend more and more money trying to hide the flaws. Obamacare is both incompetent and fraudulent for it has been marketed like any lawyer crafts disclosure with exceptions. Obama only promised you could keep your current plan but did not say that the company would continue to offer that coverage.

People are simply going to be forced to move to get healthcare from state to state or die. The economic inviability of Obamacare is clearly a disaster to put it mildly. Yet no Democrat will ever admit it was a mistake any more than a European politicians will admit creating the Euro has been a total disaster failing to consolidate the national debts of Europe as Alexander Hamilton did in creating the financial system of the United States.

The story about the woman who lost her healthcare in California because the insurance company left California demonstrates the problem. They attacked the woman who appeared in the WSJ and the company, not their flawed policy. So cheer up – Washington Maxim Number One – Never admit a mistake no matter what.