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War Starting Now?

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Violence Escalates As Kiev Protests Continue

A number of people have written noting the report by Reuters that Russian tanks flattened a town in Eastern Ukraine and how that has lined up with our warnings that conflict will start to rise in September and then we should see more of an issue in November. Even the Ferguson issue is distinguished from the 1960s by the militaristic response that has captured the attention of worldwide media and international civil rights groups. The 1960s riots were confined to race and normal police responses. Today, the police respond as military divisions – starkly different from the 1960s.

We expect to see an escalation in conflicts in Ukraine and this will be the international flash point.  People do not appreciate Ukrainian history. Stalin executed more Ukrainians than Hitler killed Jews. This is the deep-seated fear of Russia that is the great untold story. Nevertheless, Russia views Ukraine as its property and always has. Nevertheless, the importance of Ukraine is that their population is about 45 million. Take down Ukraine, and the other former Soviet possessions and tiny. Ukraine gave back all its nuclear weapons at the request of the USA. They were the THIRD LARGEST nuclear power in the world. The people now feel like pawns between the US and Russia. Beware November.