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War – Plagues – Earthquakes

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WAR 2013

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; Are you also going to update your report on weather, earthquakes, and plagues? I think the last time you did that was for the 1985 Conference. I do not recall the target, but I think it was 2020 on the plagues. Is that correct? I cannot find my materials.

ANSWER: We do have the forecasting booklets from the 1985 Conference in PDF version at $100. We are still looking for someone who has the VIDEO. We have included a brief update on the plagues in the current Cycle of War report. The target is 2019 on plagues, not 2020. We did include a brief discussion of the earthquakes also in the Cycle of War update.

This is a special report Cycles of War covers the global turning point in 2014 and the fascinating 2012 turning point in China that has marked with amazing accuracy the border dispute with Japan over the Shenkaku Islands. It is vital to understand this cycle and what it means for herein lies the fate of gold and the Dow Jones Industrials not to mention the Euro and European markets. This report covers the world including the cycles of war with respect to China and Russia in addition to the US, Japan, and Europe.