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Visit Italy & They Seize Your Jewelry

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Diego Maradona, the Argentine soccer star who played for Italy between 1984 and 1991, is charged with owing Italy more than 32 million euros in tax. Upon visiting Italy, on one occasion they confiscated a diamond earring and auctioned it off. Then again they took his watches and sold them upon visiting Italy.

The real issue is how desperate these governments are getting. We are all being confronted by something we have never seen in most of our lifetimes – border checkpoints, complete with gendarmes examining cars, liquids, checking passports, and all under the pretense of terrorism, while expanding it into financial issues all about money. The money laundering laws that were enacted against terrorists and drug dealers, are now applied by bureaucrats to any money being moved whatsoever the form where taxes are not declared. Will this come down to the point that if your wife fails to declare the value of her engagement ring it will be confiscated as money laundering? Put a gold coin in your pocket and fail to report that, it can be confiscated. When I went behind the Berlin Wall before it fell, upon entry and leaving you had to list everything on your person. If you failed to list $5, they confiscated it. We have became indistinguishable from the Communist Border Guards who eyed up everything you had.


Marxism has utterly destroyed everything. They stand up and lie and portray it is the rich not paying their fair share. They omit explaining where all the money is going that they do collect – almost 70% to interest! That does not help the poor – 40% is exported to pay foreign bond holders. This is a complete nightmare.

The US mainstream press will NEVER report the truth. They wonder why newspapers are going the way of the DoDo Bird. That is why they needed the kill switch to stop the only free press around.


So what comes next? TSA computers linked into the IRS and they start to follow Italy and confiscate whatever they want? Bend over – cough.