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Thank you. Your insight into how everything is connected has saved me a fortune. I cannot tell you how many people showed up tonight simply to hear you. As the moderator said, you have the best track record of anyone. Your insight into the world is amazing. I understand what you said tonight as so many were talking about your speech walking out. It will be the markets that force political change. You have thousands of followers here in Vancouver. You should know that.

Thanks for everything you are doing.


ANSWER: Thank you. It is nice to see the understanding of the world economy is growing. I believe to create political change that will preserve our liberty, it requires the public to grasp the world is all connected. If we can accomplish that, we have a chance at leaving our children and their’s a better life rather than a dismal one. I have been speaking in Vancouver for 30 years. It has always been one of my favorite spots in North America.