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QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, it was fantastic to listen to you tonight in Vancouver. You really helped me understand these movements. So $5,000 gold is not $5,000 as we know it today. Everything is relative. Gold cannot rise just yet until the dollar finishes rising blowing the world up. As a Canadian, I made a lot on my US investments as the loonie collapsed but to an American, he just lost the last few years worth of profits in Canada because of the US dollar rise. You are amazing and it is shocking how the media doesn’t highlight your success. They do not want to confront reality themselves. If I got this correctly, your targets are nominal not adjusted for inflation. Obviously, these investment promoters do not have a clue about what they are even forecasting. Did I get this correctly tonight?

Can’t wait for tomorrow.



ANSWER: Yes. Any target is nominal. The rise in gold or anything is against the purchasing power changes as well. It is all connected. Saying gold will reach $50,000 is meaningless for the mind equates that to today rather than never-never-land. There is an old joke. A guy is seriously ill so he has himself frozen until they find a cure. He hands all his wealth to a stock brokerage firm. When he wakes up after being cured 50 years later, he runs to the pay-phone and calls the firm. His original investment of $1 million he is told is now $100 million. Then the operator comes to the phone and says please deposit $1 million for the next 3 minutes.