Using the Internet to Destroy Reputations & Inject False Info

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We also know how bad mainstream media is these days in every country. Governments have been threatening and controlling the press for quite some time. Just recently, Russia simply shut down TV stations telling the truth about the Ukraine hiding the level of sheer decadence and corruption that is all over the internet these days (see CNBC; Washington Post; National Post).

However, what has also come out from Snowden that has not gotten a lot of press is how there has been a concerted effort to create disinformation using the internet by government. I have repeatedly warned that there are two strategies that I have seen since 1980. The first was how the manipulators got the press all hot and bothered to blast the Hunt Brothers over buying silver. They made them so famous that silver was going to $100, the Hunts could not sell a single ounce for everyone was watching them. Sell just one ounce and they assumed the rest would follow.

Then there is the conspiracy theories. I have watched people take it to the extreme making it so ridiculous that it allows the conspiracy to actually exist in plain sight free from exposure because you will be labelled as a conspiracy nut.

Both of these strategies are alive and well and we have to realize that disinformation is a tactic the NSA and others are also using.