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Using Pollution to Manufacture “Climate Change”

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icebergs on Cape Cod


SunSpotMassive chunks of ice have come on shore at Cape Cod. The Global Warming nut-jobs are attributing this too to “Climate Change” caused by man. The fascinating aspect is they cannot explain their theory beyond 1900. They totally ignore basic physics that the sun is a thermal dynamic system which beats like your heart. It does not put out a steady constant flow of energy. There is a 300 year cycle to the sun. There are short-term cycles of sunspots that range from 9 to 14 years in length, with an average length of 11.1 years. The polarity of the sun actually flips. These too come in cycles for each 11 year cycle is not the same level of intensity. They also seem to build up in waves into a major long-term cycles. The interesting aspect is this bottomed in 2008 and rallied into 2012, and has turned back down due for a low around 2020 with the ECM once again.

This group of greedy academics distort pollution, which everyone is against, and then claim the entire weather cycle is altered. They imply handing them billions and they will come up with a solution if the price is big enough. There is not a single study that shows any historic evidence back thousands of years to demonstrate how the invention of cars for 1900 altered everything. They use scare-tactic analysis to get money for studies, which is fraud.

At one marine course taught at Stockton, University in New Jersey, they had students study underwater vegetation and document a population decline based upon a predetermined cause being pollution that was already declared by the school in advance. They did not teach the students to discover the cause, they dictated this is the cause so shut-up, no challenge, or you flunk.



The Delaware River in the 18th century at the bottom of the solar cycle had chunks of ice like we just saw in Cape Cod and was the river was even frozen over to the point you could walk from Pennsylvania to New Jersey. That cycle bottomed and began to get warmer 200 years before cars. Gee. How could the planet get warmer without man causing it? The only way the planet would never warm up again is under the White Earth Effect. That is is.

global warming

To some degree, this illustration is actually correct. It was very cold during the late 1700s and we reached the peak 300 years later. Unfortunately, I will have to move south to get closer to global warming for as this cycle turns down, it is a crash and burn just like a market. Our winters will get colder. Sorry – it’s just time. Personally, I prefer global warming.

We are all against pollution. But corruption is everywhere. Do not use pollution to pretend we even have the power to alter the long-term weather cycles of the planet. We are but a pimple on a fly’s ass in the scheme of the universe. We are not God.